What Klygo can do for your company:

Klygo uses pre-existing technology like WordPress and Drupal to create a website that will fit your personal or your company’s needs and budget.  Seeing that we use WordPress or Drupal (for large enterprising sites) as the backbone of the site, it can be transitioned to non-website designers for routine maintenance if you so desire (WordPress recommended only).

Built for performance

You can expect to receive a search engine optimized website that over time will result in maximum rankings for your company’s keywords on Google, Bing and Yahoo. We mainly focus on On-Page SEO in the beginning. Once your site is up and running  we focus on backlink building on related websites (this is always a challenge because it’s not something you, as an owner, have control over).  With Google’s “Hummingbird” Algorithm update, purchased backlinks from spam sites can be detrimental to your website’s performance.

Watch your website grow:

You will get full access to your own site’s Google Analytics and see how well your website is performing over time. We always recommend that if your site has been online for a while that we add the Google analytics web tracking code to your website now before we change the site over to our product. That way you have a direct comparison.

PPC ads on Google, Bing & Yahoo:

We also offer PPC (pay per click) ad campaigns on Google and Bing for an additional cost for the set-up. All campaigns are billed directly to Bing or Google to preserve transparency with my client.  Klygo recommends using PPC ads for brand new domains or underperforming keywords ONLY. I liken PPC to a financial treadmill that continues to cost quite a bit over time if your website is underperforming or isn’t search engine optimized. The best way to get off the treadmill is to have a search engine optimized site like one designed by klygo.

Free website optimization techniques by klygo.com

Read Klygo’s FREE, SEO, social media and location based marketing, website design, css3 and html5 tips guide. Use these steps to gain page ranking on both Google and Bing’s search engine results. Also, tips to gain trust from your website’s users.

Our companies motto:

Often Imitated; Never Depricated